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Turkey Home

The Turkey home market as one the most tempting and affordable markets in the Europe is recently under high detailed review by investment eagers and lovers from overseas. The number of famous developers and variety of investor’s expectations causes this market to be extremely innovative and competitive in price also. But these ideas among Turkey real estate agents are not limited to the price and quality of homes. Their tempting offers to attract investors like free services package in visit trips and airport transportation also home cleaning services based on your flight schedule, shows they all do their best for your satisfaction.

But the main reason of this passion to Turkey home market is easy investing procedure and clear steps in it.

Turkey home purchasing procedure

The investing process in Turkey is similar to the other European country without any vague point. A deposit payment will be paid in the contract signing and the final cash would be at the title deed transfer. That’s all!

Required documents to buy home in Turkey

  • The passport and a clear photocopy of that
  • Six pieces of passport size photo
  • A bank account in a Turkish bank
  • A Turkish tax number
  • A one-time Power of Attorney to your real estate agent that makes it able to finish the investing procedure for buyer if he or she has to back to home abroad.

Upcoming costs in Turkey home purchase

  • Approximately 100 EUR for power of attorney
  • 50 EUR for translation
  • 10 EUR for photo
  • Estimated 4% of assessed value as transaction cost

The contract of Turkey home investment

When you are determined to buy your dream Turkey home, the purchase agreement will be signed with deposit payment at the same time. When the both are done the contract is binding legally. Be informed that the deposit amount is not fixed and varies between different developers or properties but it is normally 10 % of total purchase price.

In the future, if you decide to cancel the contract you will lose the deposit as penalty payment.

At the completion the buyer and seller will have meeting in the real estate office to transfer title deed. It’s better that foreign investor have an official translator to certify the registration. The buyer must pay taxes and fees before the final title deed is signed & the ownership will be transferred to buyer at  the land registry office.

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