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About Golden Kings Company

Golden Kings Company, with a brilliant history in the construction industry, buying, selling and renting real estate, with its experienced staff and consultants provides you by services such as immigration, residency permit and Turkish citizenship by investment.

Golden Kings Company is more than a real estate company, and by providing legal advice services for citizenship by investment, helps you to make a the best decision.

Company background and activity

  • Experience in contracting, construction and sale of real estate in Iran and Iraq
  • Trade in construction materials as Sahel Sabz Company
  • Participate in the implementation of the International Arbil-Iraq Exhibition on “Building Industry and Attracting Foreign Investors”
  • Sale and rental properties in Turkey, Cyprus and Iran
  • Obtaining residency permit in Turkey and citizenship by investment in Turkey
  • Obtaining immigration (Education and Business) to Germany, England, Greece, Australia and Canada
  • Overseas investing advisor
  • Holding commercial and investment tours
  • Holding seminars which was specialized for construction and investment in Iraq, Turkey and Iran
  • Export and import of construction materials in Europe

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