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Turkey Property

Real estate markets in different points of the world shows various investment thirst from foreigners depends on many factors. Between all that tempting markets, Turkey real estate recorded 45.500 sold properties to overseas investor s in 2018 and 1.35 Million announced by Turkish statistical institute.

We are trying to cover your needed information before you steps in Turkey property market and have a no stress experience of investing.

The price of apartments in Turkey has decreased in USD terms between 1.100 up to 4.600 per square meters. This wide range of price is affected by the location of the home in city or various districts of the cities. In addition to these fair prices, ease of investing process attracts the buyers to start their lucrative steps and achieve the title deed and Turkish citizenship. For the foreigners, the devaluation of Turkish Lira leads that the property market in Turkey is attractively priced which is enticing many to this market.

Rules and regulations in Turkey property market

Luckily the new rules allow the foreigners to enjoy buying property up to 30.000 square meters unlike it was impossible for them before. Other one, buying property in official areas up to 10% except in the military zones. These are all good news for those who are interested in Turkish properties but the question is who can invest in Turkey through buying property? In the past, the foreigners were not allowed to buy property in Turkey buy it has repelled recently and different nationalities such as Indians, Russians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Chinese and Americans are able to own property in Turkey easily.

How to safely take step in the Turkey properties low price market?

We believe that the safest way to invest in Turkish properties market is to consult with or use a valid and registered real estate agent in Turkey. Use an English speaking lawyer who is aware of the laws very well. Try to be sure there is no claiming or debit on the property and only do your payment through the bank. These all simplify the investment procedure for you. 

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